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15 April 2015

So. Africa: Human rights and business country guide exposes business sector human rights abuses

A country guide on business and human rights in South Africa has been produced by the South African Human Rights Commission together with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. the report seeks to raise awareness of the key human rights abuses...

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1 September 2014

US OPIC Office of Accountability review of Buchanan Renewables project - Liberia

Author: Office of Accountability, Overseas Private Investment Corp. (USA)

"OA Review: Buchanan Renewable Energy Projects in Liberia", September 2014...

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16 May 2014
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Author: Anne Jouan, Le Figaro (France)

Employés de l'usine d'Amiens, 700 ex-salariés dont certains sont malades et d'autres déjà décédés, estiment que le géant des pneumatiques a utilisé, au mépris de leur santé, des produits chimiques classés comme cancérogènes. Ils ont choisi les État...

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12 July 2013

Case profile: Firestone lawsuit (re Liberia)

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre case profile for class action lawsuit filed in US federal court against Firestone over alleged forced labour and child labour at Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia.]

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10 July 2013

Corporate liability for violating international law under The Alien Tort Statute: The corporation through the lens of globalization and privatization

Author: Joel Slawotsky, in International Review of Law

The article addresses the question of whether the changing roles of “public actor” states and “private actor” corporations should impact the legal liability of corporations in international law…The objection to corporate liability under the ATS [Alien...

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10 December 2012

[PDF] Corporate Liability in a New Setting: Shell & the Changing Legal Landscape for the Multinational Oil Industry in the Niger Delta

Author: Essex Business and Human Rights Project, Univ. of Essex [UK]

The purpose of this report is to analyse the law that is relevant to decisions about the management of the international oil companies that are operating in the Niger Delta. The focus is on the Shell Group, the largest company operating in the area,...

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1 December 2011

[PDF] Corporate Equality Index 2012; Rating American Workplaces on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality

Author: Human Rights Campaign Foundation

...[T]he Corporate Equality Index [CEI] represents [how] corporate America...prioritize[s] the protection, recruitment and retention of LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender] employees...[S]uccessful U.S. businesses have proven...that LGBT...

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11 August 2011

Supreme Court May Consider Whether Companies Can Be Sued Over Human Rights [USA]

Author: Lawrence Hurley, Greenwire blog, New York Times

Recent court rulings on the question of whether oil companies and other multinationals can be sued in U.S. courts for alleged human rights violations overseas has made the issue ripe for Supreme Court intervention...Although it is notoriously tough to...

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18 July 2011

The Global Lawyer: Corporate Alien Tort Rouses from Its Deathbed

Author: Michael D. Goldhaber, Am Law Daily [USA]

…[US Court of Appeals judges] Richard Posner…and…Judith Rogers…[have] lined up behind corporate liability for human rights violations under the U.S. Alien Tort Statute…[which] was snuffed out in the Second Circuit in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum...

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13 July 2011

Firestone wins Liberian child labor case in US

Author: Jonathan Stempel, Reuters Africa

A federal appeals court threw out a lawsuit accusing the Firestone tire company of illegally using child labor in Liberia, but found that U.S. law allows companies to be held liable for human rights abuses abroad…Judge Richard Posner…rejected claims...

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