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13 June 2005

Statement from BRIO [in response to SwedWatch and Fair Trade Center report "Easy to Manage" on labour conditions in China

Author: BRIO

...BRIO has a longstanding commitment to produce and market products that are manufactured under lawful, safe, healthy and respectful conditions. BRIO expects all its product suppliers to adhere to the same principles...beginning 1st January 2006;...

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2 June 2005

company website: Brio

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1 May 2005

[PDF] "'Easy to manage'- A report on Chinese toy workers and the responsibility of the companies"

Author: Kristina Bjurling, SwedWatch

SwedWatch has chosen to focus our research on some of the largest toy selling companies in Sweden, Top Toy (BR-toys and Toys R Us), Brio and Coop [Coop Norden]. Other international companies that are mentioned in the report are Disney, Wal-mart and...

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28 September 2004

China: Report alleges violations of workers' rights at toy factories

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