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23 May 2016

British American Tobacco's response

Author: British American Tobacco

"British American Tobacco response re how alleged corruption may have risked lives in Africa"...

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15 February 2016
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Author: AFP

« Norvège: retrait du fonds souverain de 73 entreprises dont il jugeait l'impact social ou environnemental néfaste », 4 février 2016...

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1 December 2015

East Africa: British American Tobacco allegedly bribed govt. officials to defeat anti-smoking laws; includes company's comments

Author: Jonathan Owen, Independent

"British American Tobacco accused of bribing senior politicians to sabotage anti-smoking laws"...

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18 September 2015

Malawi: Danish Institute for Human Rights & Citizens for Justice launch "Human Rights and Business Country Guide"

The Danish Institute for Human Rights in collaboration with Citizens for Justice have published Malawi's Human Rights & Business Country Guide. It contains information regarding potential and actual human rights impacts of businesses operating in...

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3 September 2015

So. Africa: NHRI interrogates gendered impact of food systems, impacts on women of corporate deregulation

Author: Pregs Govender, SAHRC Commissioner in Pambazuka News (Africa)

'Wathint'abafazi, wathint' imbokodo: the promise of bread and roses', 3 Sep 2015:…Unconsciousness blinds [people]…to the contributions women make and…peaceful protests they stage when all their efforts to secure clean water, decent toilets, housing or...

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2 September 2015

Africa: Academic urges economic justice actors to fight both illegal and licit financial flows, adopt more nuanced approach

Author: Patrick Bond, University of Kwazulu Natal in Pambazuka News (Africa)

'Retreat of foreign investment from Africa means less looting', 2 Sep 2015:…[A] Zimbabwe NGO conference…was dedicated to fighting illegal capital flight from across the African continent…[Will] the region’s…economic-justice NGOs take the next step and...

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23 July 2015

Intergovt. Working Group on proposed treaty can learn from industry interference around the global tobacco treaty, says expert

Author: Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service

“What can we learn from industry interference around the global tobacco treaty? “, 22 Jul 2015...

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22 May 2015

Tobacco companies prepare to launch multi-billion compensation claims over UK plain packaging law

Tobacco companies are reportedly preparing to launch legal claims against the British Government for losses as a result of the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes. It is thought the companies will argue that forcing them to use plain...

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26 December 2014
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Author: Repórter Brasil

"Fiscais flagram trabalho escravo na produção de tabaco em Santa Catarina", 23 de dezembro de 2014...

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25 November 2014

UK MPs release fact finding report documenting labour abuses on US Tobacco farms

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