BSR paper discusses how technology companies should engage with rights holders

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7 November 2014

Stakeholder engagement: Access’ comments to BSR paper

Author: Peter Micek and Estelle Masse, Access

Download the BSR report “Legitimate and Meaningful: Stakeholder Engagement in Human Rights Due Diligence | Challenges and Solutions for ICT Companies” here

Download the Access response “Consulting Users the Right(s) Way” here 

...To help more tech and telecom companies navigate this challenge [of meaningful consultation by ICT companies with potentially affected groups and other relevant stakeholders], BSR produced a strong report, which Access has analysed. We have identified areas either overlooked by the BSR report or that could be further developed to improve and foster all stakeholders’ participation. In our brief, “Consulting Users the Right(s) Way,” we developed this analysis and put forward recommendations to further improve the work conducted on the BSR report. This post will briefly present these recommendations...

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7 October 2014

How Tech Companies Can Engage Their Users In Human Rights Issues

Author: Co.Exist

The UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights directs companies to engage with "rights holders" on human rights issues as part of their due diligence. That sounds straightforward enough, but for tech companies like Google and Facebook that have billions of users, it's not so simple. Every single user is a rights holder, since their human rights could be at risk simply by using the product...That's the quandary discussed in a new paper written by the nonprofit sustainable business network BSR and funded by Microsoft’s Technology and Human Rights Center.

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17 September 2014

BSR working paper commissioned by Microsoft on stakeholder engagement in human rights due diligence for ICT companies

Author: BSR

This working paper....was commissioned and funded by Microsoft’s Technology and Human Rights Center, though all final content decisions were made by BSR. The purpose of this paper is to address the challenges faced by information and communications technology (ICT) companies seeking to apply Principle 18 of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) by integrating rights holder engagement into their human rights due diligence. In particular, this paper focuses on who companies should engage with and how they should engage, with an emphasis on specific human rights — privacy, security, and freedom of expression — where engagement with users of ICT is especially challenging...This working paper is particularly relevant for ICT companies undertaking human rights due diligence, third parties undertaking due diligence on behalf of companies, and stakeholders participating in said due diligence.  Our premise is that meaningful engagement with rights holders needs to play a much greater role in human rights due diligence, and we set out approaches to achieve that goal.

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