Business and AIDS

Author: Financial Times (editorial), Published on: 1 December 2006

…The private sector needs to get more involved and the public and non-governmental sectors should recognise and harness a greater contribution from business…Enlightened employers should be committed to workplace programmes to fight [AIDS related] discrimination, ideally through written policies…[which could]…bear peer pressure on others, including through their supply chains… As part of their corporate social responsibility, companies can play an important part in funding programmes for prevention, support and even…by opening their own clinics to treat others…companies should also lobby governments…to direct more resources to health and development…with suitable safeguards companies should be able to step up non-cash contributions….Businesses have a role in pushing for stronger evaluation and reallocation of funding to the most effective programmes. They could also usefully offer secondments and support to… non-governmental organisations…Aids is also a business opportunity, with the potential for private sector providers to deliver products, healthcare services, insurance and management...the fight against Aids is linked to the battle against poverty and discrimination, which is...linked to economic development. Progress on that would be the greatest contribution of all business could make.

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