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Business and AIDS: A problem with patriarchal society [Russia]

Author: Isabel Gorst, Financial TImes, Published on: 1 December 2006

Reported [AIDS] cases are clustered at ports, industrial towns and oil producing regions, the areas fuelling Russia's economic resurgence... Officials now define Aids as a threat to national and economic security… [Under a new national strategy on AIDS], business will be roped in to help [rather than foreign donors]…David Iakobachvili, the chairman of Wimm Bill Dann, a juice and dairy producer, says: "Business is becoming more caring with many corporate social support schemes... Individual businessmen are funding research into Aids medication at Russian laboratories. But they don't want bureaucrats poking their noses into corporate social programmes". Health education schemes are gradually being introduced in the workplace. But these focus on exposing the dangers of alcohol and smoking which pose a more immediate threat to employee health and productivity than Aids does... However, Sual, an aluminium producer, has just launched Aids education courses at its smelters in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk.

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