Business and Human Rights: CRIN response to adoption of the Guiding Principles

Author: Child Rights Information Network (CRIN), Published on: 21 June 2011

[T]he Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) submitted detailed comments to the Special Representative [SRSG]…as part of the Special Representative's public consultation process on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights…[O]ur comments suggested that the SRSG amend the Principles to embrace and fully incorporate children's rights, both recognising the many challenges children face in their interactions with business enterprises and addressing specific situations in which improvements must be made…Regrettably…it is clear that children's rights continue to be ignored. It is with great disappointment that we see no additional references to children, let alone even a single substantive discussion of the rights particular to children that have long been a matter of international law. As we have written before, we must again state that “it is difficult to imagine th[e Guiding Principles] could provide any meaningful guidance for States and business enterprises seeking to 'protect, respect and remedy' the human rights of children.

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