Business and Human Rights: The case of extractive industries in Niger

Author: Réseau des Organisations pour la Transparence et l'Analyse Budgétaire (ROTAB) Niger; unofficial translation of excerpts by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 6 July 2015

[original report was dated Dec 2014]

The rights implicated [in the report] include the rights to health, to education, to a healthy environment, to information, to work, to enjoy fair working conditions, to equal pay for work of equal value, to health and safety at work, to an adequate standard of living, to housing, the rights of children and adolescents to be protected from economic exploitation...

Concerns regarding SOMINA [joint venture CNNC International, Sopamin (owned by Niger Govt.), ZXJoy Invest (Zhongxing Joy Investment), Korea Resources Corp.] in NigerImpacts on environment, human health, livestock & livelihoods...poor or substandard housing for workers

Concerns regarding CNPCN and SORAZ (affiliates of CNPC) in Niger: Impacts on environment, human health, livestock & livelihoods... Expropriation of land... Violations of the right to information and lack of consultation of local populations...

[also refers to SOMAIR, COMINAK (both joint ventures of Areva & Niger Govt.), Société des mines du Liptako (SML) (now owned by Sopamin)]

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