Business has potentially crucial role to play in fight against poverty

Author: Christine Svarer, CARE International UK, in Guardian [UK], Published on: 24 February 2012

If businesses operating in the developing world do so in ways that are sensitive to its complexities, it can create opportunities, not barriers, for people living in poverty...Inclusive models that combine business knowledge and dynamism with core NGO skills of engaging with poor communities, understanding their needs and recognising their capacity to be active participants in development solutions can help to fully realise the potential for business to fight poverty...In Bangladesh, CARE International worked with local company PRAN and global giant TetraPak to revolutionise the dairy sector...[W)hat is clear is that the tectonic plates between business and NGOs are shifting. Relationships will need to be reset and it is crucial that, as NGOs, we seize opportunities to engage with companies, apply our influence to shape market interactions and stimulate inclusive growth that favours the world's poor. [also refers to Barclays]

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