Business leaders call on companies to speak up on violence against women

Author: Richard Branson, Virgin Group & François-Henri Pinault, Kering, on Huffington Post (USA), Published on: 2 December 2015

"It's Time For Business to Speak Up to Eliminate Violence Against Women", 25 Nov 2015

At first glance the world of business has little bearing on violence against women -- something that usually happens in the street or at home rather than in the office or boardroom. However, business can't thrive in a world where so many women, who perform two-thirds of the world's work, continue to live in fear of violence, abuse and discrimination. We believe that successful, sustainable business should be a force for good. And building safer, fairer and more sustainable economies makes good business sense too...Like all rights abuses, acts of violence against women anywhere compromise the dignity of people everywhere. And this isn't just a matter of injustice. Violence against women also carries significant costs to the economy. It results in reduced productivity, hampered creativity and innovation and increased absenteeism from the workplace. Businesses leaders around the world have not only a moral obligation, but also a clear business incentive to tackle this issue in all their spheres of operation...[Refers to Kering, Safaricom]

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