Business leaders call on govts. to implement strong domestic legislation to meet Paris climate goals

Author: Global Climate Action, Published on: 9 November 2016

"Ambitious Corporate Climate Action Needed for Paris Goals," 9 Nov 2016

Private sector leaders have come together at Business & Industry day at…COP22…to call for countries to fully implement…strong domestic legislation so that the many climate commitments of the private sector can be speedily implemented. Business leaders at the event…agreed that with the Paris Agreement now in force, the priority was to move…to…implementation…In total 471 companies with over $8 trillion in market capitalization have undertaken well over a thousand ambitious commitments to climate action

[B]usiness leaders look to governments to:

Scale up enabling policies through the Global Climate Action Agenda…

  1. Fully implement NDCs…to incentivize an immediate response from the private sector...
  2. Drive towards net zero emissions by communicating long-term low GHG development strategies
  3. Connect non-state action to an increase in ambition with every 5-year NDC cycle, starting in 2018
  4. Mobilize climate finance at scale from public and private sources.
  5. Enact meaningful pricing of carbon
  6. Build climate-resilient economies and communities...

[Also refers to Walmart.]

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