Business to the Rescue [Papua New Guinea]

Author: The National [Papua New Guinea], Published on: 23 April 2007

…Eleven years after the medical miracle…[of] the…“cocktail” of [HIV/AIDS] medications, very few of our people have been able to access the drugs...Some individual business[es]…were quick to get involved in...The ANZ Bank was prominent, as was timber giant Rimbunan Hijau…These commercial leaders were joined by a host of other smaller retail and commercial enterprises...Most of these business houses have made significant donations to the National AIDS Council and to other health authorities. Others have…developed their own approach to HIV and AIDS in the workplace… Nasfund is bringing together business houses in an effort to form a business coalition to fight the disease… PNG construction and steel company Hornibrooks NGI [will] offer…the new organisation office space...

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