Businesses increasingly held accountable through Natl. Contact Points, says chair of OECD working party on responsible business

Author: Rolf Nieuwenkamp, chair of the OECD working party on responsible business conduct, on Guardian (UK), Published on: 10 March 2015

"From land grabs to anti union behaviour, businesses are increasingly being held accountable", 24 Feb 2015

Yes, there have been serious criticisms, but many NCPs are working to improve their structure and also find new ways to deal with challenging cases through both mediation and proactive prevention...NCPs can only do their work if they are sufficiently resourced, impartial and active. Governments adhering to the guidelines that neglect to set up well-functioning and accessible NCPs, or that are overly restrictive in accepting cases for mediation, are denying an important service to industry and related stakeholders. They are also depriving themselves of an effective mechanism for implementation of expectations under the UNGPs and the guidelines. [Refers to cases re DHL (part of Deutsche Post), Karl Rieker, Nissan, Socapalm (part of Bolloré), SOCO]

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