By 2050, 25m more children will go hungry as climate change leads to food crisis

Author: Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian [UK], Published on: 30 September 2009

If global warming goes unchecked, all regions of the world will be affected, but the most vulnerable – south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa – will be hit hardest by failing crop yields, according to the report, prepared by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)...The children of 2050 will have fewer calories to eat than those in 2000, the report says, and the effect would be to wipe out decades of progress in reducing child malnutrition...[Oxfam] called [severe drought and spiralling food prices in East Africa] the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa for a decade, and said many people in the region were suffering from malnutrition...[S]outhern Asia, which made great advances in agricultural production during the 20th century, was also singled out in the IFPRI report for being particularly at risk of food shortages.

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