C&A say "no" to Uzbek cotton

Author: Environmental Justice Foundation, Published on: 4 April 2008

EJF is pleased to report that apparel retailer C&A, which is one of Europe's largest clothing retailers..., has made a public statement on it's position on Uzbek cotton. C&A state that "for all C&A suppliers the C&A Code of Conduct is binding. It strictly states that child labour is unacceptable for C&A. Already in December 2007 C&A obliged all of its global suppliers in written form not to use cotton fibre from Uzbekistan in the manufacturing of C&A products..." Since the start of 2008 a number of retailers including Tesco, M+S [Marks & Spencer], Debenhams and Matalan have also announced a ban on cotton sourced from Uzbekistan while abuses involved in its production continue.

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