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15 January 2020

Papua New Guinea: Companies' eyes are on Panguna mine following Bougainville's referendum

Author: Natalie Whiting, ABC

"Bougainville voted yes to becoming the world's newest nation. Now begins the gold rush", 14 December 2019...

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19 November 2019

Papua New Guinea: As Bougainville independence referendum looms; miners jostle for licences & fears of new conflict grow

Author: Sarah Danckert and Ben Bohane, The Sydney Morning Herald

"This derelict mine caused a bloody war. Now Aussie companies are fighting over it again", 15 November 2019...

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10 February 2019

Papua New Guinea: Proposed changes to Bougainville mining law to accommodate Australian investor; facilitate Panguna re-opening

Bougainville's government is considering changing its mining laws to accommodate investment and facilitate re-opening of the long-closed Panguna mine. Proposed changes to the mining legislation would 'remove complicated steps that are unnecessary'.

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4 February 2019

Bougainville to set up local company to reopen mine

Author: Dateline Pacific, Radio New Zealand

4 February 2019...

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