Call for input on COVID-19 19 Impact Analysis: Business & Human Rights / Access to Remedy in Asia (Deadline: 17 May)

Author: UNDP B+HR Asia, Forum-Asia, & Oxfam, Published on: 10 May 2020

The UNDP Business and Human Rights in Asia programme (B+HR Asia) in conjunction with Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) and Oxfam is conducting a regional impact analysis to understand the effect of COVID-19 (C19) on Business and Human Rights-related matters across the Asia region. To render a full view of the challenges, the impact analysis seeks to understand how civil society is coping with current circumstances, and to take views on how to shape future support or repurpose current programming initiatives. The document is made up of 42 questions, some multiple choice, and some open-ended in nature.

Go to impact analysis survey here. Due on 17 May 2020.

FORUM-ASIA, Oxfam and UNDP kindly request that you undertake the following impact analysis for the purposes outlined below:

  • To better understand Business and Human Rights-related priorities under C19
  • To assess the types of challenges facing CSOs who work on Business and Human Rights issues, including access to remedy
  • To provide and exchange information on how to repurpose Business and Human Rights programming support to respond and recover from the C19 crisis

While confidentiality will be protected, the results of the impact analysis will be shared with the public for advocacy and programming support purposes. Due: 17 May 2020

Confidentiality and data usage statement:

FORUM-ASIA, Oxfam and UNDP B+HR Asia, regard the confidentiality of responses to be of utmost importance. Please be assured that any responses provided will remain anonymous.

No personally identifiable information is captured unless it is offered voluntarily as part of your response. Additionally, all responses will be aggregated and summarized to further protect the anonymity of the respondents. The information will be captured by UNDP and shared with FORUM-ASIA and Oxfam before the information is released.

Each organization endeavors to use the information to promote constructive conversation between governments, civil society and business. All organizations recognize that the quality of the information gathered through this online resource may be compromised and will qualify its results as being imperfect. As the inputs may be imperfect, the impact analysis does not intend to analyze specific country contexts, nor will it lead to cross-country comparisons. Again, the information will seek to register the most common challenges across the region as a means to repurpose programming and support.

If you do not represent civil society, you are kindly asked to refrain from answering the questions contained in the impact analysis. We encourage you to share the impact analysis to appropriate parties.

 Should you have any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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