Cambodia: Land communities protest against two separate companies involved with land grabbing

Author: Radio Free Asia, Published on: 9 July 2019

"Two Groups of Cambodian Villagers Protest Over Land Disputes", 8 July 2019

Villagers embroiled in two separate land disputes in Cambodia’s Koh Kong province protested …, demanding solutions for their respective cases, one against a home-grown tycoon, the other against a Chinese developer.

The first, a group of 100 residents representing 197 families in Koh Kong’s Sre Ambil district held their rally in front of the offices for the Ministry of Land Management. They find themselves at odds with Okna Heng Huy, head of the Heng Huy Agriculture group.

Chhann Chhoeun, a member of one the 197 affected families, said in an interview with RFA’s Khmer Service … that the group assembled in front of the ministry’s office four days prior, but the ministry didn’t assign any officials to meet with the group.

… “Our residents don’t have a dispute with the Koh Kong sugar Company. We have a land dispute with Heng Huy Agriculture Group,” said Chhann Chhoeun.

... Meanwhile, the second land protest involved 20 residents representing 77 families in front of the Chinese embassy in Phenom Penh. They wanted intervention against the Chinese-backed Union Development Group (UDG) in an attempt to win compensation.

Saing Puy, a representative of the 77 families, said that UDG has not made a decision on compensation, adding that no embassy official met with them or otherwise attempted to notify them of anything related to their dispute that has now lasted for more than 10 years.

… Mean Prum Mony, Koh Kong province Coordinator for the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC), said a resolution could be reached if the government took an actual interest in helping them…

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