Cambodia: Malaysia pledges to protect Cambodian migrant workers

Author: Vida Taing, Khmer Times, Published on: 12 June 2019

"Malaysia pledges to protect migrants", 12 June 2019

Malaysia’s newly-appointed ambassador to the Kingdom ... pledged to work with the government to ensure the rights and safety of Cambodian workers in Malaysia, a Foreign Affairs ministry official said...

Tuot Panha, a ministry undersecretary of state, told reporters after the meeting that Mr Eldeen Hasaaini said his government has now placed the issue of migrant workers as a priority in its policy frameworks...

Ms Panha said Mr Sokhonn also requested Mr Eldeen Hasaaini for the Malaysian government to provide sufficient protection for Cambodian domestic workers, noting that some still suffer abuse at the hands of their employers.

She noted that Malaysia’s immigration department reported that about 3,000 Cambodian are now working legally in the country while the Labour Ministry has reported there were about 30,000, both legal and illegal Cambodians working there.

Dy Thehoya, a programme officer with labour rights group Central, yesterday said undocumented migrant workers who work in Malaysia face a high risk of abuse and exploitation.

“From what I have observed, most undocumented migrant workers cannot seek justice when it comes to abuse or human rights violation,” he said. “We have seen many Cambodian maids returning from Malaysia with mental problems because they suffered violence.”...

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