Cambodia: Minister of Interior calls for more cooperation and measures to tackle human trafficking; while labour rights activist voices concerns of ineffective measures

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times, Published on: 13 December 2019

"Sar Kheng seeks migrant worker safeguards", 13 December 2019

Interior Minister Sar Kheng ... led an anti-human trafficking day event in Phnom Penh and told thousands of attendees that authorities are continuing crackdowns on crimes involving the smuggling of persons abroad.

“There are workers abroad who are without legal documents, workers have irrelevant documents proving their immigration status, including wedding pictures,” Mr Kheng said. “I appeal to all authorities to strengthen measures and ensure they have the correct documents before going abroad.”...

He said foreign countries must work with the government to account for Cambodian workers.

“Some workers go abroad without legal documents, some hold non-immigration documents,” Mr Kheng said. “I appeal to foreign countries to help us and cooperate with us to provide legal immigration documents to these workers.”

Women’s Affairs Minister Ing Kantha Phavi ... said tackling problems surrounding human trafficking is still challenging. Ms Kantha Phavi said these problems include surrogacy.

... According to a report by the National Committee for Counter Trafficking, the committee cracked down on 131 human trafficking cases and sexual exploitation this year, up by 22 when compared with last year...

Dy Thehoya, programme officer at Central, said despite the government’s efforts, human trafficking still occurs.

“There are still cases of workers being cheated and becoming victims of trafficking abroad,” he said. “The government’s efforts are not effective, some of our workers who are abroad still entered illegally.”

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