Cambodia: Over 100 representatives from govt., NGOs, local communities and the UN gather to discuss how to tackle climate change

Author: Kimmarita Long, The Phnom Penh Post, Published on: 30 January 2019

"Government, UN, NGOs meet to discuss Climate Change", 29 January 2019

More than 100 representatives from NGOs, local communities, the UN and the government gathered … to discuss and exchange ideas on climate change adaptation and funding at a sub-national level.

…, civil society groups requested the government increase the budget at the sub-national level so they will have adequate resources … in preventing climate change.

Tek Vannara, executive director at the NGO Forum on Cambodia – a coalition of NGOs working to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable communities in Cambodia – …, it is highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change…

Chhoeun Sody, head of Sangkran Roy forest …, said like other communities, it’s hard for them to adapt to irregular rain, strong winds, floods and drought…

“I want to see the flow of the commune and district budget to the locals in remote areas. People never receive information on natural disasters and relevant authorities should visit and educate them about the climate change issue,” she said.

Va Vuthy, representative of the Ministry of Environment’s national council for sustainable development at the department of climate change, said the government has increased the commune budget frequently for such issues. “This issue of climate change is interlinked with development, which is very rapid currently…,” he said.

Clemens Beckers, a representative of the EU’s Cambodian office, said they are working to reduce the impact of climate change in Cambodia.

“The EU is committed to provide €6 million … to Cambodia ... In addition, the EU supports protecting forests … because it plays an important role in reducing climate change,” he said.

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