Cambodia: Sexual harassment costs garment industry $89 million a year due to low productivity & constant recruitment

Author: Sok Chan, Khmer Times, Published on: 18 October 2019

"Sexual harassment at work costs garment industry $89 million a year," 18 October 2019

Sexual harassment in the workplace could have an indirect cost to the garment industry of up to $89 million per year, said Care Cambodia’s acting country director Jan Noorlander.

Speaking at a Business of Women at Work forum...Mr Noorlander said the organisation was very surprised at the enormous sum, which it put down to women not feeling safe in their jobs and calling in sick or resigning, reducing productivity.

“It means that the factory has to recruit more staff and it takes time, and these all affect productivity," Mr Noorlander said.

Sara Park...of...Better Factories Cambodia, said many working women experience sexual harassment at some point in their career.

She added that sexual harassment affects work outcomes, reduces job satisfaction and increases absenteeism.

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