Cambodia & Thailand: governments, CSOs and private sector hold “2nd International Exchange Visit for Dialogue” concerning labour migration and human trafficking

Author: Sochan Ry, The Phnom Penh Post, Published on: 26 April 2019

"Siem Reap holds labour migration meet", 26 April 2019

Representatives from the Cambodian and Thai governments, the EU, the UN, civil society organisations and the private sector are participating in the ongoing “2nd International Exchange Visit for Dialogue” concerning labour migration and human trafficking between the two countries.

The forum, …, aims to strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue between the two countries to improve the implementation of the policy framework for Cambodian migrants’ rights.

The event includes a two-day international conference …, entitled “Cross-Border Cooperation on Labour Migration and Human Trafficking between Cambodia and Thailand: From policy framework to the implementation”, ...

… Cambodian migrant workers are particularly vulnerable in Thailand and, despite efforts made by both governments, women, men and an increasing number of youths are still subject to abuse and exploitation. In the most serious cases, they are victims of human trafficking.

Chou Bun Eng, the Ministry of Interior’s secretary of state and permanent vice-chairperson of the National Committee for Counter Trafficking … told that a solution would not be found immediately, but relevant parties are meeting to improve the situation…

Deputy provincial governor You Sophea, also present at the meeting, told … that the delegates will engage in bilateral cooperation between Cambodia and Thailand and urge the Thai parties to respect migrant workers’ rights by honouring the established legal framework…

Moeun Tola, Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights executive director, said … that the situation of migrant workers in Thailand is better in some places – such as factories exporting pork, chicken and electronic products to Europe – but several issues remain, including poor working conditions, as well as withholding salaries and passports.

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