Campaign urges consumers to demand conflict-free gold from jewellery companies on Valentine's Day

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8 February 2013

New Valentine’s Day Campaign Asks Jewelers to Help End Conflict Gold Trade

Author: Enough Project

This Valentine’s Day, the Enough Project is launching a new campaign and video report documenting the trade in conflict gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jewelry companies, the world’s largest consumers of gold, have an opportunity to help stop the deadly trade through supply chain action...The video stresses that consumer demand and investment from the jewelry industry is one part of a multi-faceted solution. Other key steps by governments should include sanctions on gold smugglers and aid to help formalize Congo’s gold trade. [Refers to Motorola Solutions]

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1 February 2013

[video] Conflict Gold

Author: Raise Hope for Congo, Enough Project

Gold has emerged as the most lucrative conflict mineral because it is easy to smuggle small quantities for large profits. Armed groups use mass rape and violence to secure control of mines and strategic trading routes. More than $600 million in gold is estimated to leave Congo annually. Conflict gold mined at one of the 15 major mines across eastern Congo follows six steps in a supply chain until it reaches its final form—gold bars or jewelry. Cleaning up the trade in conflict gold is essential to finding a lasting solution to the ongoing war.

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1 August 2012

[Business and human rights-themed] short videos & news items

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This page features a list of business & human rights short videos...produced by a wide range of organizations, media and individuals. If you know of other relevant videos, in any language, that we should consider adding to this list, please send them to [email protected].

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