Canada: Govt. closes OECD Guidelines complaint brought against Goldcorp by indigenous people affected by Marlin mine in Guatemala - MiningWatch criticises Canada

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16 May 2011

[PDF] Canadian Government Abdicates Responsibility to Ensure Respect for Human Rights

Author: MiningWatch Canada

[T]he Canadian government has closed a complaint from indigenous communities affected by Goldcorp’s Marlin mine in Guatemala...The complaint [that] was submitted in...2009 to the Canadian National Contact Point [for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises]...alleged that Goldcorp Inc. failed to respect the community’s rights to adequate consultation and consent, property, health, water, and right to life...[S]everal international human rights bodies and reports have confirmed violations alleged in the complaint..."The NCP has fundamentally misunderstood its own mandate and failed the communities" [said Senior Attorney for the Center for International Environmental Law Kris Genovese]

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3 May 2011

[PDF] Canadian National Contact Point For The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises - Final Statement of the Canadian National Contact Point on the Notification dated December 9, 2009, concerning the Marlin mine in Guatemala, pursuant to the...

Author: Canadian National Contact Point

On December 9, 2009, Frente de Defensa San Miguelense (FREDEMI), a Guatemalan NGO, assisted by Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL)...filed a request for review with the Canadian National Contact Point (NCP). A number of issues were raised in relation to the Marlin Mine in Guatemala, owned and operated by Canadian company Goldcorp Inc...related to the implementation of Paragraph 2 of the General Policies (Chapter II) of the OECD Guidelines which states that enterprises should "respect the human rights of those affected by their activities...". The notifiers indicated that they were seeking the closure of the mine and a statement from the NCP. The NCP's initial assessment was that the issues raised merited further examination....the NCP offered its "good offices" to facilitate a dialogue between the parties. The offer was accepted by the company. However, the notifiers declined the offer...The Nep's position is that communication and dialogue between the company and the notifiers are essential to the resolution of any disputes...Therefore, the NCP recommends that the parties participate in a constructive dialogue in good faith with a view to addressing the issues raised...The NCP considers this specific instance to be closed.

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