Canada: Judge allows class action lawsuit alleging Johnson & Johnson talcum powder caused cancer to proceed

Author: Kristin Compton, Drug Watch (USA), Published on: 23 May 2018

"Talc Ovarian Cancer Class Action OK’d in Canada, U.S. Lawsuits Continue", 22 May 2018

A Canadian class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has been given the go ahead to proceed...The class action in Canada involves patients who say they were injured by Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Valeant’s Shower to Shower products.  The Quebec Superior Court authorized the class action in early May 2018...Plaintiffs claim regular use of the common household powder products can lead to a higher risk of ovarian cancer.  The lawsuits allege this link is medically confirmed...Many lawsuits ask for a warning label to be added to the product.  Other companies that manufacture talcum powder products have already taken this step.  J&J has not...[T]he company maintains its product is safe...The legal and scientific communities have come head-to-head in the ongoing talcum-powder debate...The largest talcum powder ovarian cancer verdict to date involved Eva Echeverria of California.  In August 2017, a Los Angeles jury ordered J&J to pay a whopping $417 million to Echeverria...A superior court judge reversed the verdict in October 2017...U.S. women who used J&J talcum powder products and later developed ovarian cancer continue to file lawsuits...

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