Canadian company TVI submits to Philippine tribal justice

Author: Mines and Communities, Gulang Gukom, Published on: 18 May 2011

After years of denying that Mount Canatuan is sacred, the Philippine subsidiary of the Canadian mining company, TVI Pacific, has finally admitted it is. Many people may view the admission, and the company's ritual act of apology, as long overdue - given the mountain has been pretty much levelled through mining…The submission by TVI to tribal justice marks a victory in overcoming the huge imbalance of power faced by tribal people like the Subanon when confronting such companies. TVI's denials of the sacredness of the mountain have continued to be made at various fora, including an ongoing complaint to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UNCERD) to which the company is a third party..."appreciate why the company is doing this. This is our atonement for desecrating the sacred Mt. Canatuan. It's an atonement for our sins," said Joel Alasco, manager of TVIRDI's Community Relations and Development Office"

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