Caux Round Table Japan's Human Rights Risk Report

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CRT Japan's HRDD programme

Business should be able to address the following five points. Providing comprehensive support specifically for these points, CRT Japan assists in the implementation of effective CSR and the establishment of a competitive business advantage.

  • Understanding Global CSR trends
    • Networking with global CSR initiatives
    • Seminars and global conferences
    • Field visits
  • Identifying relevant CSR issues
    • Human Rights Due Diligence Workshop
    • Materiality analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
    • Human Rights Due Diligence Workshop
    • Seminars and global conferences
  • Responding to potential adverse impacts (potential management risks)
    • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Improving transparency
    • Reporting support (CSR Consulting)
    • GRI G4 Certified Training
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22 February 2018

Caux Round Table Japan: Human Rights Risk Report -Stakeholder Engagement Programme-

Author: Caux Round Table Japan

The UNGPs established that all companies have the responsibility to respect human rights, and state that companies should conduct ‘human rights due diligence’ as a means to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for any potential and actual negative impact on human rights that business activities may have. 

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