Central America: Report highlights attacks on union activists in Guatemala and Honduras in 2018 incl. murder, detention and harassment

Author: Tula Connell, Solidarity Center, Published on: 8 August 2019

"Report: Unionists Face Death, Attacks in Central America", 7 August 2019

At least five union activists were murdered in Guatemala in 2018, and union leaders and members in Guatemala and Honduras suffered dozens of incidents over the past year for standing up for worker rights, including restriction of union rights, intimidation, harassment, illegal detention, death threats and attempted murder, according to two new reports.

In Guatemala, union leaders and members reported 882 crimes...including coercion, kidnapping and murder. Yet there were only two convictions...

...Incidents against union activists in Honduras were concentrated in the department of Cortés...which includes the major industrial city of San Pedro Sula, as well as a key agricultural area where banana and palm plantation workers are struggling to win decent wages and working conditions.

Both reports recommend that unions prioritize registering incidents of violence against union activists, incorporate gender analyses to prevent and demand protection from gender-based violence and harassment at work, and urge the governments to work across agencies and departments to prevent union violence, protect victims and end impunity....

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