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25 August 2015

Dominican Rep.: Haitians in sugar plantations exporting to the US “live under working conditions similar to slavery”, says Al Jazeera

Dominican Republic is an important supplier of sugar for the United States. The Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement was promoted as an instrument that could improve labour conditions. However, Aljazeera reports on the “hazardous...

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16 July 2015

Blood, sweat and sugar: Trade deal fails Haitian workers on DR plantations

Author: Amy Bracken, Al Jazeera America

…The [Dominic Rep.] is…among the top suppliers [of sugar] to American markets…[T]he DR-CAFTA…was supposed to improve…worker conditions. But today Haitian immigrants [are] still targets of…antihaitianismo…Workers are paid by the weight of what they cut...

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