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Centrica website: http://www.centrica.co.uk
British Gas split in 1997 into Centrica, which is primarily a gas utility operating in the UK, and BG Group, which "is principally engaged in the development, management and supply of...gas markets around the world", according to this website: www.bgplc.com.  The company now known as British Gas is part of Centrica.

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28 November 2013

Energy firms' profit from customers has risen 77% in a year, says Ofgem (UK)

Author: Jennifer Rankin, Guardian (UK)

The big six energy firms have been exposed to further accusations of profiteering after the industry regulator revealed that profits per customer last year rose by 77%. On the eve of a protest by anti-poverty campaigners against power suppliers, Ofgem...

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6 November 2013

Stress Awareness Day: Deloitte joins mental health awareness programme

Author: Owain Thomas, Workplace Savings & Benefits (UK)

Deloitte is joining the Time to Change programme which aims to end the stigma and discrimination against people with experience of mental health problems. The firm joins a wide range of organisations that have already signed-up to the pledge…Time to...

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30 April 2013

[PDF] Tax responsibility:an investor guide

Author: ActionAid

This guide is aimed at investors seeking to examine corporate tax policy and practices. Tax is increasingly under the spotlight, intensifying financial, regulatory and reputational risks in this area for companies. Where tax practices are aggressive,...

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1 April 2013

Business Ethics Briefing: Tax Avoidance as an Ethical Issue for Business

Author: Institute of Business Ethics

This Briefing explores corporate taxation and specifically the issue of tax avoidance as a business ethics issue…The term ‘tax avoidance’ is used to refer to legitimate but maybe aggressive use of things such as financial instruments and other...

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2 March 2013

UK firms to be forced to reveal where they pay tax, as we reveal one in four top names pay no corporation tax at all

Author: Alex Hawkes, Mail on Sunday [UK]

Britain is to drop its opposition to plans that will force all European companies to say what tax they pay wherever they operate. After agreement in Brussels...that Europe’s banks must reveal the taxes paid in each country, the Treasury is understood...

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31 August 2011

Women executives could wait 98 years for equal pay, says report [UK]

Author: Simon Goodley, Guardian [UK]

Women may have had equal voting rights since 1928, but they may have to wait another 98 years for parity in pay, research has found. While the salaries of female executives are increasing faster than those of their male counterparts, it will take...

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31 August 2010

[PDF] Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 Global 500 Report

Author: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Carbon Disclosure Project

In 2010, the CDP asked the world’s 500 largest public companies in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series...to demonstrate that they are taking action on climate change. This report, prepared by CDP’s global adviser, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC),...

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29 June 2010

Unilever tops climate change index with 'superb' track record

Author: Severin Carrell, Guardian [UK]

Unilever has topped a new index that assesses how Britain's largest companies are dealing with climate change, outperforming other industry leaders such as Tesco and Centrica…Rolls-Royce…is No 4…behind BT Group in second place and…Morrisons in third...

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24 June 2010

Companies commit to human rights in increasing numbers

Author: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre & Realizing Rights

As representatives of over 1000 companies gather this week in New York at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, Realizing Rights and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre have published a list of over 270 companies worldwide...

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1 June 2010

SOMO report on CSR policies of European electricity companies says many do not report according to global standards

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