Chance for NZ to curb slavery at sea [New Zealand]

Author: John-Luke Day of Wynn Williams Lawyers in Press [New Zealand], Published on: 28 March 2012

[Foreign charter vessels] FCVs are blighted by allegations of abuse. In recent incidents, foreign crews have jumped ship, pleading they could no longer tolerate the emotional, physical and sexual abuse inflicted by the FCV officers. The incidents have been well documented…The inescapable conclusion…is that modern-day slavery is used to fish New Zealand waters…The critical question is why have we allowed abuse on FCVs to continue…[but] [a]rguably, there is no alternative but for…New Zealand to take responsibility for providing legal remedies for these workers. John Ruggie, the United Nations Special Representative for human rights and business…advises that, if developed states are serious about remedying overseas human-rights abuses caused by their industries, the developed states must offer effective legal remedies to their foreign victims…[A] ministerial inquiry report makes several recommendations which...if they are implemented by the Government, foreign crews will come under the protection of New Zealand law. [refers to Walmart, Safeway]

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