Changing business models and corporate practices towards ending deforestation

Author: Bryson Ogden, Rights and Resources Initiative (USA), Published on: 8 June 2018

"To end deforestation, we must protect community land rights", 31 May 2018.

Ending deforestation is crucial to… preventing a climate crisis, sustaining rural livelihoods and preserving natural biodiversity. To this end, companies.. have made ambitious commitments to reduce deforestation by 2020… While the 2020 deadline is fast approaching, new spaces for private sector-civil society collaboration... indicate potential to ramp up corporate progress toward reducing deforestation and respecting community land rights... Changing business models to respect rights is a significant undertaking. Coordination is limited, and results and lessons are still not widely shared. But this is beginning to change.  Many companies are already collaborating with civil society on pilot projects... Nestlé used the Interlaken Group’s guidance... to assess the performance of its palm oil suppliers on tenure issues in Indonesia… [I]llovo Sugar worked with the NGO Landesa.. toward resolving a longstanding conflict with local communities...The Forest Trust is piloting its Kumacaya mechanism to support community monitoring of company supply chains using new technologies... While 2020 is fast approaching, there is still time to make progress towards zero deforestation. With… financing for implementation available, and companies working with a portfolio of new tools and partners to clean up their supply chains, there is reason to be optimistic.

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