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Chevron Appeals Ruling In Ecuadorian Court

Author: Dow Jones Newswires, Published on: 20 January 2012

Chevron Corporation has filed an appeal seeking the review of a judgment issued against it early this month in an Ecuadorian court. Chevron is accused of oil contamination in Ecuador's Amazon region. The company denies the allegations…According to the company, the appeal seeks a review by the Ecuador's National Court of Justice…An appeals judge upheld the original ruling, issued in February 2011, "in all its aspects."…The company said…that it has asked that the Ecuadorian appellate court take all steps to suspend enforcement of the judgment until further order of a tribunal in The Hague…[A] plaintiffs' spokeswoman said…that the Chevron "seeks special treatment not afforded any other litigant under Ecuadorian law…”


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