Chief Accountability Officer



  • Location: London
  • Contract Type: Fixed Term
  • Closing Date: 09/09/2019

The Independent Project Accountability Mechanism (IPAM) will be the EBRD’s new accountability mechanism, governed by the 2019 Project Accountability Policy. It provides an opportunity for the independent review of complaints from project-affected people and civil society organisations, where EBRD-financed projects are alleged to have caused harm through adverse environmental or social impacts, or insufficient information disclosure. IPAM has two complementary, non-judicial and non-adversarial functions for handling such complaints: a) the Problem Solving function, which supports dialogue, mediation and joint fact-finding between Project-affected people and Clients to resolve issues as a neutral third party, in order to help fund mutually-satisfactory solutions; and b) the Compliance function, whereby IPAM conducts a review to determine whether EBRD has complied with its Environmental and Social Policy and Public Information Policy in respect of a Project. If EBRD is found to be non-compliant with either of the policies above, the Compliance function also proposes Project-specific and procedural changes to Bank practices to address existing non-compliance, prevent future non-compliance and promote institutional learning and capacity building. It has two additional functions: an institutional learning (advisory) and outreach function. Through these functions, IPAM assures that the EBRD is fulfilling its obligations on external accountability and its social, environmental and public disclosure responsibilities, in relation to the appraisal, implementation and monitoring of financed projects. IPAM will replace the EBRD’s existing accountability mechanism, the Project Complaint Mechanism, upon the appointment of the Chief Accountability Officer.

The Chief Accountability Officer will report directly to the Audit Committee of the EBRD Board of Directors, and must defend any IPAM findings of non-compliance with the Environmental and Social Policy and Public Information Policy, in counter to the positions of the MD, Environment & Sustainability and the Secretary General in a constructive and effective manner. The Chief Accountability Officer has a pivotal role in preserving the external accountability and reputation of the Bank; setting and enforcing the Bank’s external accountability and transparency policies and practices; reviewing allegations of harm, and ensuring that Board officials, senior management and staff fulfil their obligations to prevent and where necessary, address social / environmental harms resulting from projects financed by the EBRD.

Matters referred to IPAM have a significant external dimension, which requires close cooperation and coordination with senior Bank staff, international civil society organizations, project-affected communities, other IFIs and international organisations. IPAM depends on a high degree of external trust, respect and assurance of its independence from Bank Management.

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