Chief Operating Officer

Shift Project


  • Location: New York City
  • Closing Date: 20/03/2019

We are currently hiring for a full-time position as Chief Operating Officer with Shift, to be based in New York City, with existing permission to work. Shift is excited to be hiring for the new position of a Chief Operating Officer (COO). In the last few years, we have doubled the size of our team, led ground-breaking work to drive greater accountability of businesses for their impacts on people, and solidified our reputation as a pioneer in our field. And we’re only just getting started.

We have big ambitions at Shift. We love diving into tough challenges, being frank and forthright about what needs to change and demonstrating how practices can rise to meet ambitions. We are constantly at the cutting-edge of business and human rights innovations; from advising companies that are grappling with high-risk contexts and new business models, to developing machine learning tools to track reporting, to leading a global platform to improve how we measure impact, we are driving the conversation forward. Our hands-on expertise has earned us the trust of dozens of Fortune 500 and top-tier companies, national governments around the world, influential civil society organizations, high-level investor groups, multinational financial institutions and prime sporting bodies.

And to do all this at the level of excellence that we set ourselves, we are looking for a dynamic organizational leader responsible for designing, implementing and overseeing the internal systems, team and culture that will enhance the impact of our ground-breaking work and enable sustainable organizational growth over the years to come.

This is a new, full-time position in the organization that will report to Shift’s President. The COO will serve as a member of Shift’s Leadership Team and will be an officer of the organization. The current Operations and Finance Manager will report to this position. This new position will consolidate a range of functions held predominantly by the current Managing Director, as well as others in the Leadership Team. The first year will be dedicated to transitioning these responsibilities and setting up the new role for success. It will offer an opportunity to craft the role to meet the next generation of Shift’s needs and opportunities as an organization.

The deadline for applications is March 20, 2019.

For more information about the position and how to apply please follow Link to Job.