Child sex tourism – what you can do about it

Author: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Asian Correspondent, Published on: 8 June 2010

Giorgio Berardi...Programme Officer for Combating CST, ECPAT International, and lead researcher of the ECPAT study on “The use of information and communication technologies in connection with cases of child sex tourism in East and Southeast Asia”, talks about how the travel industry can get behind the cause…[by answering the following questions:]…Is the problem of child sex tourism in Asia on the rise?...What are the trends?... Where are the hot spots for child sex tourism in Asia?...Where are the customers coming from?...The rise of technology is of course making it easier for perpetrators but at the same time, is it making it easier to catch the paedophiles?...Are you working with companies such as Google and Facebook to track people through searches and their online activity?...Are you using Web Analytics to track online behaviour of suspected criminals?...What can travel websites and online travel agencies do to help eradicate child sex tourism?

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