Chilling Letter From Chinese Factory Worker Found In Saks Fifth Avenue Bag

Author: Serena Solomon, DNAinfo (USA), Published on: 29 April 2014

Stephanie Wilson was reaching...inside a paper shopping bag from Saks Fifth Avenue when she found a letter pleading, "HELP HELP HELP." The message...[was] from a man who said he made the bag while being unfairly held in a Chinese prison factory..."We are ill-treated and work like slaves for 13 hours every day producing these bags..." continued the letter...Wilson showed the missive to the Laogai Research Foundation...Harry Wu, the founder of Laogai Research Foundation...said he took steps to verify the letter and believes that Njong took a huge risk in writing and sending it...A representative for Saks Fifth Avenue confirmed that the store was notified of the letter by the Laogai Research Foundation in December 2013 and said the company took the allegation seriously and launched an investigation, according to Tiffany Bourre, spokeswoman for Hudson's Bay Company which took a controlling stake in...[Saks] last December... Hudson's Bay Company is currently in the process of ensuring all vendors meet...[its] standards on workers' rights, Bourre added...DNAinfo located a man who said he wrote the letter...[When not making] paper shopping bags...he assembled electronics or sewed garments. [also refers to Kmart (part of Sears)]

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