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China: Apple bans 2 hazardous chemicals from supply chain following NGO campaigns

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Author: 安晓萌, 新华社(中国)

"苹果公司限用两种化学物质", 2014年08月15日


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Author: 安曉萌, 新華社(中國)

"蘋果公司限用兩種化學物質", 2014年08月15日

美國蘋果公司13日宣布,在蘋果手機、音樂播放器、平板電腦、電腦和配件等的最後組裝階段,禁用苯和正己烷這兩種化學物質,避免員工健康受到威脅。美國的勞工和環保組織5個月前發起簽名請願行動,呼籲蘋果公司在手機生產過程中禁用苯和正己烷...蘋果公司說,沒有證據表明這兩種化學物質對50萬名工人構成健康威脅。 22家工廠中,18家沒有使用這兩種化學物質的跡象,另外4家的用量符合安全標準。不過,蘋果公司還是決定讓這些工廠停用苯和正己烷,要求它們檢測所有生產用品中是否含有這兩種物質...至於其他數百家為蘋果公司提供初期產品的工廠,苯和正己烷仍獲准使用,但蘋果公司要求工廠下調用量上限...蘋果公司的新規可能迫使其他配件公司出台類似規定。

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19 August 2014

Apple Regulated Substances Specification

Author: Apple

It’s Apple’s mission to make sure that anyone who assembles, uses, or recycles an Apple product can do so safely. We’ve led the industry in removing many harmful substances from our product designs, and we go to great lengths to make sure they stay that way…We require our suppliers to adhere to this Regulated Substances Specification, which describes Apple’s global restrictions on the use of certain chemical substances or materials in our products, accessories, manufacturing processes, and packaging used for shipping products to Apple’s customers. We derive these restrictions from international laws or directives, agency or eco-label requirements… we hold our suppliers accountable by conducting factory audits, testing components with independent laboratories, and verifying the results in a lab we built at our headquarters…

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18 August 2014

China: Apple bans 2 hazardous chemicals from supply chain following NGO campaign

Author: Joe Miller, BBC (UK)

"Apple bans two hazardous chemicals from assembly lines", BBC, 14 Aug 2014

Apple has banned two potentially hazardous chemicals from being used in the final assembly process at 22 of its iPhone and iPad production plants. Benzene, which is a carcinogen, and n-Hexane, which can cause nerve damage, will no longer be used in cleaning agents or degreasers at the facilities, the firm said...The move follows a campaign urging the tech giant to scrap the substances. One campaign group said Apple needed to "look deeper into its supply chain"...Apple's environmental director, Lisa Jackson, announced the commitment in a statement, saying the company launched an investigation after questions were asked about whether the chemicals were used at its factories.The firm said it found "no evidence of workers' health being put at risk" at any of the 22 plants visited, although four of the facilities were found to have traces of benzene or n-hexane...China Labor Watch, the New York-based non-profit organisation which campaigns for Apple to improve its safety standards, told the BBC it welcomed the commitment, but emphasised that the true test would be in its implementation. Executive director Li Quang said: "Apple has for years had commitments to labour standards like working hours, overtime wages and temporary worker regulations, but there is often widespread disregarding of these codes of conduct." Mr Li added he was also concerned about "Apple's ability to monitor whether implementation is taking place"...In a statement on its website, environmental campaign group Green America urged Apple to go further to ensure the safety of workers in its supply chain.

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14 August 2014

Green America welcomes move & urges Apple to go further

Author: Green America

"Green America: Apple Takes First Steps to Protect Workers from Toxins", 14 Aug 2014

Green America...is pleased with Apple’s...announcement that it is taking first steps to protect the workers who make their products from dangerous chemical exposures…Green America continues to urge Apple to go further to ensure the safety of all workers in its supply chain. Beyond benzene and n-hexane, there are thousands of chemicals used in the manufacturing of electronics…and many chemicals used by Apple suppliers remain undisclosed...Additionally, while Green America applauds Apple for investigating all its final assembly plants in China, the nonprofit is urging Apple to look deeper into its supply chain, to the second and third tier suppliers…Apple has 349 supplier facilities in China…Apple has investigated just 22 of these facilities (6.3%) which employ a third of the workers who work on Apple’s products…Green America will continue to call for Apple to identify and disclose all chemicals used in all supplier factories….

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