China: Farmer wins 1st hearing in lawsuit against Qihua group over chemical waste disposal

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3 February 2017

Chinese farmer who studied law to sue state-owned enterprise wins first round

Author: Josh Ye, South China Morning Post (China)

A farmer who studied law to fight a state-owned enterprise he believed was polluting his village has won the first step of a 16-year battle.  Wang Enlin...spent the past 16 years suing Qihua Group...for dumping chemical waste on farmland in his village in Heilongjiang...The court case said that for 16 years, the production plant dumped an average of 20,000 tonnes of chemical waste each year on farmland that covered more than 70 acres.  The chemical waste...also contaminated the water in a nearby lake, the suit contended...[T]he villagers said the lake water had become...almost completely devoid of life...Wang...was personally affected by the contamination. He said that...the dumping of chemical waste by the plant was so excessive that liquid chemical waste flooded his house, along with those of many other villagers....After the first hearing, the court ordered Qihua Group to get rid of the chemical waste on the land and pay compensation of a total 820,000 yuan (US$119,145) to the 55 families involved...The report said Qihua Group has filed an appeal of the court ruling.

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