China: Google is reportedly planning to return to the mainland with censored app store

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21 September 2015

Google Will Comply to Get Play Store Into China

Author: Alistair Barr, Wall Street Journal (USA)

“Google Pursuing a Return to China”, 4 Sep 2015

Google Inc. is in talks with Chinese government officials and handset makers about launching a new Android app store there, according to people familiar with matter, a move that would mark the Internet company’s return to the world’s second-largest economy.

For more than a year, Google has been working on a version of its Play app store that includes only apps and services approved by the Chinese government, those people said. This app store would come installed on new smartphones made for the Chinese market that run on Google’s licensed version of Android, the people said…

Getting a version of the Play store on Google-approved Android phones in China would help the company better control the operating system and generate revenue from apps…Long-term, Google hopes to resume services such as search and Gmail for Android devices in China. That is more sensitive because it would likely require storing user data in China and giving the government a way to monitor information. That would represent a major about-face by Google on issues of censorship and data privacy and isn’t part of the current plan, a person familiar with the situation said…

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Author: 列尔, BBC中文网

…谷歌正在和中国当局有关部门以及一些手机制造商商讨合作,希望在2015年内开设“Google Play”,而且谷歌将依据中国法律提供当局认可的安卓应用程序服务…



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Author: 列爾, BBC中文網

…谷歌正在和中國當局有關部門以及一些手機製造商商討合作,希望在2015年內開設“Google Play”,而且谷歌將依據中國法律提供當局認可的安卓應用程序服務…



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