China: Heavier penalties for Hong Kong Electric needed in its licencing agreement, Greenpeace said

Author: Apple Daily [Hong Kong, China], Published on: 17 August 2006

[Original article in Chinese. Title translation, and following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]
Greenpeace Project Manager, Cheung Wan-ki, criticized the HKSAR government's penalty on excessive emissions as too light. Statistics show that Hong Kong Electric is a major polluter, responsible for 42.8% of sulphur dioxide emissions while providing electricity for only 20% of the population. A horrific picture showed that its Lamma power plant released huge amounts of pollutants, creating a thick layer of smog. Cheung worried that if heavier penalties are not imposed and target emissions not tightened in the licensing agreement for Hong Kong Electric, which is due for renewal in a month's time, the 2010 emission reduction target agreed between Guangdong and Hong Kong will not be met.

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