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China promises to step up public health projects in belt and road countries amid coronavirus pandemic

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26 May 2020

China promises to step up public health projects in belt and road countries amid coronavirus pandemic

Author: South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

“China promises to boost belt and road health projects amid coronavirus pandemic”, 24 May 2020

China will step up public health projects in belt and road countries in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said…

Wang said global efforts in containing the pandemic should be coordinated and promised to develop a ‘healthy silk road’.

“China will actively expand international cooperation on public health, and establish pandemic control mechanisms with more nations,” he told a press conference at the annual parliamentary meetings known as the “two sessions”…

It [The Belt and Road Initiative] mainly focuses on public infrastructure projects, but there have been calls for greater medical cooperation as the disease spread around the globe…

“The potential of the belt and road comes from constantly opening up new areas of cooperation. After the epidemic, the desire of countries to develop the economy and protect people's livelihoods will be stronger, and the demand for cooperation in the field of public health will also increase significantly,” he [Wang Yi] said…

Wang also said China will do more to help African countries handle the pandemic, push for the resumption of joint projects that have been delayed by the outbreak and consider debt relief measures.

“We will also actively promote the implementation of the G20 debt relief initiative to reduce the burden of African countries, and will consider providing special support to African countries in particular difficulties,” he said…

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Author: 南华早报










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Author: 南華早報


“中國承諾在冠狀疫情下推進'一帶一路'衛生合作項目”, 2020524





“'一帶一路'的潛力來自不斷開闢新的合作領域。疫情發生後,各國發展經濟、保障民生的願望將更加強烈,公共衛生領域的合作需求也將顯著增加,”他(王毅)說… …



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