China: Three female workers take collective action against discriminatory firing during pregnancy

Author: Echo Huang, Quartz (USA), Published on: 18 December 2017

"A Chinese firm is facing a rare joint complaint from women workers fired when pregnant", 11 December 2017

Three women in China, all fired... while they were either expecting or nursing, united to pursue arbitration against the Chinese logistics firm that employed them, in a [rare] joint action by pregnant women over workers’ rights... They filed arbitration requests the same month to a government-affiliated, district-level labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee, after they were fired for not being present at work... The warehouse management company is a subsidiary of the Beijing-based China Railway Logistics Group that operates over 5,000 warehouses in multiple countries including the US, the UK, and Russia... Ahead of the firing, the company cut the salaries of the three women by half in December 2016, who were either pregnant or nursing at that time, found they were the only ones in the company to have the salary deductions...Executives from China Railway Logistics Group couldn’t immediately be reached for comment...

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