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19 April 2015

Report illustrates Chinese investments’ environmental & social impact in Latin America with cases of best practices & challenges

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29 March 2015

[PDF] Chinese companies reporting in EITI implementing countries

Author: EITI International Secretariat

Chinese companies operating in the 48 EITI implementing countries are…required to disclose information in accordance with the EITI Standard. This includes information about how much they pay to the governments…it also includes oil and mining production...

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25 January 2015

Nicaragua: Social, environmental concerns associated with Chinese firm HKND Group's major canal project

The Interoceanic Canal, concessioned to the Chinese Company HKND Group [Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development] is a $50 billion project.  The canal, which will be approximately 278km long and would reportedly pass through 282 communities' lands, has l...

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8 December 2014

Ecuador: Indigenous land rights advocate campaigning against Chinese mine project found dead

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6 January 2014

Chinese dam builders rush to Latin America

Author: Toh Han Shih, South China Morning Post

There has been a huge increase in Chinese dam projects in South America, which has expanded China's geopolitical clout in the continent but also drawn allegations of poor corporate social responsibility. "China's involvement in hydropower development...

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Company response
25 November 2013

Sinohydro Group response to report by Rights Action about alleged violence & intimidation against Lenca indigenous communities related to the constructions of Agua Zarca dam, Honduras

Author: Sinohydro Group Limited

The Contract Agreement of Agua Zarca Dam Project with DESA was terminated on August 24th 2013…Sinohydro…signed the Contract Agreement on November 16th 2012, with DESA as the Employer for the construction…Right from the very beginning of our...

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5 February 2013

Mining: Andean concessions [Peru]

Author: Andres Schipani, Financial Times

…Chinalco, a Chinese mining company, has built the settlement [of Nueva Morococha] from scratch to relocate about 3,500 people from the village of Morococha – a former mining camp built on a slag heap in the early 1900s…Chinalco’s motive for relocating...

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Company non-response
2 May 2012

China Railway Construction did not respond to: Company response regarding impacts of mining in Ecuador

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18 March 2012

Emerald Energy Exploits Colombian Andes

Author: Elias Cabrera, CorpWatch

…In…Huila…the platforms of…oil wells belonging to Emerald Energy PLC…[are] “destroying the land and water”…This territory is vital to the region’s food security…In 2009, the company was purchased by the Chinese…Sinochem Corporation…In public meetings...

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6 March 2012

China’s Ecuador Embassy occupied in opposition to mining contract [Ecuador]

Author: Environmental Justice Organisations, Liability and Trade, EJOLT

…[On] March 5th 2012, a group of women…occupied for a few hours the Chinese Embassy in Quito, to reject the signing of a mining contract between the Ecuadorean State and the Chinese company ECSA (EcuaCorriente) [part of Corriente Resources]…Inside the...

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