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MEDIA announcement, 10 March 2015

简体中文: 中资企业在海外投资

Welcome to our information platform on the social and environmental impacts of Chinese companies operating overseas.  It aims to: raise awareness of existing guidelines; increase transparency; and strengthen accountability.  It is within the broader context of our work encouraing companies headquartered in all regions to respect human rights.  More about the platform.


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1 February 2005

[PDF] Business & human rights: The value of the UN Norms

Author: Alessandra Masci, Campaign Coordinator, Economic Relations & Human Rights, & Salil Tripathi, Researcher, Economics & Human Rights, Amnesty International, in Sustainable Development Intl.

...voluntary initiatives have not been sufficient by themselves to (a) prevent human rights abuses, and (b) create a culture of respecting human rights. Abuses continue to take place in the same countries, year after year, sometimes involving the same...

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15 January 2005

Peace in Sudan: Good News for People or Oil Companies?

Author: Frida Berrigan, Arms Trade Resource Center, in Common Dreams

Under the peace agreement, oil leases sold during the war will be respected, rewarding Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian companies that made wartime agreements with Khartoum. American companies are not far behind...The peace accord does not address...

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1 January 2005

Companies linked to Burma

Author: Intl. Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)

[Updated Jan 2005] The database has been compiled by the ICFTU, based on publicly available information. It is a database of companies which appear, from the information available, to have some form of relationship with Burma...This list is not...

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27 December 2004

China and Sudan: Partners in oil -- and warfare?

Author: Peter S. Goodman, Washington Post

But the Chinese laborers are protected: They work under the vigilant gaze of Sudanese government troops armed largely with Chinese-made weapons — a partnership of the world's fastest-growing oil consumer with a pariah state accused of fostering...

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15 November 2004

Harvard's Investment in Sudan Part of a Larger Problem

Author: Bryan J. Auchterlonie, MA candidate, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, in Harvard Crimson

Two weeks ago, the Crimson Staff demanded that the Harvard Management Company (HMC) divest its 72,000 shares of Chinese state-owned energy giant PetroChina because of its oil operations in Sudan...But it is...only a first step...Harvard also holds 10...

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25 October 2004

Endowment Tied to Sudan - University bought stock in oil firm that activists say helped fuel genocide

Author: Daniel J. Hemel & Zachary M. Seward, Harvard Crimson [USA]

Harvard has invested millions of dollars in a Chinese oil company [PetroChina] whose financial dealings with the Sudanese government, human rights activists say, have funded that regime’s ongoing slaughter of its own people...PetroChina is a spin-off...

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27 September 2004

Is Disengagement the Wisest Choice? [Sudan]

Author: Roger Bate & Benjamin Schwab, American Enterprise Institute

As The Economist stated in a fall 2000 report, "The dirty bottom line is that Talisman is helping the Sudan government finance its war." Though difficult to imagine a few years ago, the situation in Sudan has gone from awful to inconceivably worse....

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1 April 2004

Sudan dam will drown cultural treasures, destroy Nile communities

Author: Ali Askouri, president of Leadership Office of the Hamadab Affected People - in World Rivers Review, reprinted in Sudan Tribune [based in France]

The Merowe Dam, proposed for the Nile in Northern Sudan, demonstrates how not to plan and build a dam in the post-World Commission on Dams era...It will displace more than 50,000 people...have far-reaching environmental consequences, and inundate a...

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4 November 2002

chapter 4 of "Making a Killing: The Business of War": Greasing the Skids of Corruption

Author: Phillip van Niekerk & Laura Peterson, Center for Public Integrity

[refers to money paid by multinational oil companies to Angolan Government ending up in private bank accounts] [includes reference to Marathon Oil Company]...Angola is certainly not unique as a country where conflict and corruption are fueled by...

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26 August 2002

Malaysia names builders for controversial mega-dam

Author: Reuters

Malaysia appointed builders last week for its long-delayed $2.4 billion Bakun dam, awarding the deal to a consortium led by a unit of local conglomerate Sime Darby, together with a Chinese infrastructure firm. The hydro-electric power project in...

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