Church of England considers divesting from News Corp in wake of phone hacking scandal

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13 July 2011

How can the media ensure it lives up to its responsibility to respect human rights? [UK]

Author: Salil Tripathi, Institute for Human Rights and Business

Disclosures concerning actions taken by…News of the World…have caused many to call for a fundamental reordering of the media industry. News Corp has become the…target for the outrage…News Corp’s shareholders have launched legal action against the company’s management…The company faces the risks of legal prosecution and compensation claims…The right to privacy and the right to speak…can sometimes clash, and both rights have limits…As providers of information, it is in the interest of media companies to argue for unfettered free expression. But most countries place some restrictions on this right…However…sometimes journalists act with impunity, violating individual privacy…Now there are calls for greater regulation of the media…Understanding the UN framework is a good place to start…[refers to Sun, Sunday Times, News International, BSkyB, New York Times, Guardian]

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9 July 2011

Church of England threatens to pull News Corp investment [UK]

Author: Jodie Ginsberg, Reuters [USA]

The Church of England has threatened to pull its $6 million investment in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over the phone hacking scandal at its News of the World paper…the move is an indication of the wider repercussions from the scandal for the media giant…The Church said…its Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) wrote to News Corp on Friday, saying the behavior of the paper, accused of illegally accessing countless voicemail messages and making payments to police, had been utterly "reprehensible and unethical." "While the EIAG welcomes the decision to close the News of the World, this action is not a sufficient response to the revelations of malpractice at the paper,"…A spokesman for the Church said: "There must always in the background be the possibility that, after discussions with the senior management, if you are not influencing what they do or how they do it, there must always be the possibility that we will disinvest. [also refers to Vedanta]

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