CIA outsourced development of interrogation plan [USA]

Author: John Goetz and Britta Sandberg, Der Speigel [Germany], Published on: 12 May 2009

The torture practices used in interrogations of al-Qaida prisoners were not developed by government officials in Washington, but by private security experts…[The] CIA…entrusted the development and supervision of these interrogations to a private security firm [Mitchell Jessen & Associates]…The recently published report of the Committee on Armed Services of the US Senate came out with new proof and details about this collaboration…[Abu] Zubaydah...was waterboarded 83 times [gives further details of abuses]…[His] attorney…plans to file a civil suit against Mitchell and Jessen, unless US President Barack Obama chooses to file criminal charges…Mitchell said that he would be happy to talk about these issues, but that a confidentiality agreement…prevents him from doing so.

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