Cipla Pharmaceuticals' Yusuf Hamied: 'I Am Not Against Patents ... I Am Against Monopolies' [India]

Author: India [email protected], Published on: 7 May 2009

Many basic, life-saving medications remain unaffordable in low- and middle-income countries. Spurred on by that fact, Yusuf Hamied, chairman and managing director of Cipla Pharmaceuticals, has steered his enterprise to the forefront of global pharmaceutical development by manufacturing low-cost drugs… In an interview with India [email protected], Hamied describes his company's skirmishes with multinationals looking to protect their patents on particular medications and explains why rules governing intellectual property rights in industrialized nations should not apply to poorer countries…[T]he patent regime in [India] should be so devised that utmost priority is given to secure the people's right to access affordable, quality health care. [also refers to Hoffman-LaRoche (part of Roche), Roche]

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