Civil liberties NGO seeks to put "US-sponsored torture" on trial in lawsuit against Boeing unit Jeppesen for involvement in "extraordinary renditions"

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8 June 2007

Lawsuit against Jeppesen may make firms wary of US Govt. contracts related to war against Islamic militants

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5 June 2007

A Bid to Litigate the Legality of U.S.-Sponsored Torture in Federal Court: Will It Succeed?

Author: Anthony J. Sebok, Professor, Brooklyn Law School, in FindLaw's Writ [USA]

...[T]he [American Civil Liberties Union] filed a suit that could provide human rights activists with an ingenious mechanism to allow a federal court to litigate whether torture sponsored by the U.S. is a tort….Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc. is a private company owned by Boeing, which provides a service…referred to as "trip planning"[ing] the CIA arrange international flights that moved suspected terrorists from one country to another that uses torture in its interrogations.…According to the suit, the plaintiffs…were seized off the street and flown to prisons in Morocco, Egypt, and Afghanistan, where they were illegally held and tortured by intelligence officers….The suit alleges...that Jeppesen knew what would happen to them. As a result, the three men are suing Jeppesen...for damages resulting from the violations of their human rights.[also refers to CACI, Titan]

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